A great room to begin your home improvements in is your kitchen.

French doors will make any entrance, dramatic.

This new kitchen is ready for counter-tops and appliances.

New windows and cedar siding were a great improvement to this mid-century modern.

When Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC.,  in Lexington Massachusetts was in need of repairs and new arched windows,
Pilgrim put their faith in, Stevens Home Services.



Here is a look at some of the damage we found upon opening the walls of the church.

Below are the after photos. Look at the new windows. 

This house had severe water damage due to improperly installed rain gutters from a previous contractor.

The damage extended beyond the exterior sheathing and into the structural frame.

On the left, this window flange was not properly taped.
On the right, the window after re-installation.

The interior wall after the repairs and repainting were completed.


This deck was refinished with new decking and the railing was repainted and stained.

A new floor and baseboards update an industrial mill loft-apartment.

Trimming the hearth was just the right finishing touch.

Here is a kitchen renovation nearing completion.
The customer began this project and planned to finish it herself.
But she just wanted a professional cabinet installation.